The Bot River Spring Weekend 2017

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Bot River Spring Festival 2017


According to legend, a man once arrived in front of the Botrivier Hotel. He got down on his knees, kissed the steps and proclaimed, “This is the centre of the Universe!”

I love the little story. If you’ve ever been to Bot River and met some of its people, you will know. The Universe is indeed strongly centred and pretty colourful here. In particular this Friday, Saturday AND Sunday!!

The Bot River Over the Rainbow Spring Weekend 2017 kicks off tomorrow and it’s going to be amazing. Ten local wine farms are participating and you are in for a wine tasting, wine making community celebration. A real Overberg adventure. But don’t take my word for it. I am totally biased and love Bot River. So to try and curb some of my enthusiastic bias, I turned to three very busy local ladies. They were busy setting up and getting ready for tomorrow but answered my one burning question, swiftly.


Why should you attend the Bot River Spring Weekend?

Penny Verburg, “Bot River is one of the very few places where you will find the winemaker present and tasting with you. All the owners are involved and it is a real community effort. The wine is amazing and there are a whole bunch of five-star Platters this year. Also, at Luddite we are launching our alluring Saboteur White and the farm looks like Namakwaland! You should come see the flowers.

Wilmari Geyer, “Because Bot River’s wine is amazing and hey, I am making Big, Beefy, Barton Burgers! Home made, extra delicous. Definitely, can’t be missed.

Elnette Viljoen, “For some seriously good vibes, good food and the best of 90’s music at our Spit & Skoffel, Saturday night at Villion Wines. I have to say the whole weekend is very family friendly.

There you have it. Good food, good wine, good company… GOOD TIMES. I can’t recommend The Bot River Spring Weekend enough.
Take a peek at all the yummy activities in the weekend programme, grab a ticket and come get some colour at the centre of the universe.

Find the full weekend program here.

Buy your tickets on Quicknet.

List of participating wine farms: