Agulhas is the town situated at the Southernmost Point in Africa. Not only does this mark the town as rather significant, but it is also the place where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. Annually many people travel to this site to be able to take pride in being the most southern situated human being on the whole of the African continent at that moment! The historic lighthouse a few meters away offers panoramic views of the surrounding area and the little museum below offers info regarding the history of the town.

The resident stingrays in the harbor attract many visitors each year and you can even buy fish to feed them with. The oldest and first resident stingray, Parrie has turned in to the town mascot and even has his own Facebook page. Annually the Southern Right Whales also journey to the coastline of South Africa to mate and calve. This spectacle makes for some of the best land based whale watching in the world. There are many boat rides offered as well to take visitors to few these creatures up close and personal.

The nearby town of Struisbaai is also home to the longest natural beach in the southern hemisphere, offering miles and miles of pristine white sandy beach, a firm favourite with visitors during the sunny months.

The Agulhas National Park is a unique combination of biodiversity and natural beauty. Including various animal species, beautiful endemic fynbos, dramatic oceanic and mountain scenery makes the Agulhas National park one of South Africa’s true gems.